Husband and wife dead in Congressional Ave. Extension electric post accident

A husband and wife died in the Congressional Ave. Extension electric post accident that happened Sunday afternoon, September 17, 2017.

The couple was riding a motorcycle when the truck in front of them dragged an electric post. Unfortunately, the driver of the truck identified as Raly Brent Reyes did not notice that loader at the back was tilted. Thus, causing it to be caught up in the hanging electric wires.

The casualties were identified as  Christian Calleja and Jennly Reyes.

There were actually two electric posts that were damaged. The second one hit a sedan.

Good thing the driver of the car survived this Congressional Ave. Extension electric post accident.

According to the investigation, before the accident, the driver of the truck bought buko juice. The vendor named Grace Cortez already warned the driver that the loader was loose, however, the driver did not hear the message. Afterwards, she heard the loud noise from the accident.

The road was closed for several hours in the afternoon. Electricity supply in the area was also affected.



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