Iglesia Ni Cristo achieve two Guinness world record #incwalktofightpoverty

Religious group Iglesia Ni Cristo  (INC) bagged two world records today, May 6, 2018.

INC achieved the world record for “largest picture formed by people” or the “largest human mosaic” and  for the “largest human sentence”.

There were 23,235 INC members who participated in the sentence formation of  “PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF IGLESIA NI CRISTO”. This record of number of participants supersedes previous record-holder, the Rotary International District 3000, Rotary Club of Perambalur New Gen, and Roever Group of Educational Institutions, which had  16,550 participants.

GWR Adjudicator Paulina Sapinska confirmed the record.

It’s my pleasure to be here today to witness the records title for Largest Human sentence, The record to beat is 16, 550 participants in the largest human sentence. Today you have 23, 235 participants. Iglesia ni Cristo-Church of Christ, it is my great pleasure to announce these New Guinness world record title….You are officially amazing”! she said in the announcement.


For the “largest picture mosaic” world record, 9,000 INC members formed Church’s green, white and red flag with the biblical golden menorah in the middle.

INC was able to win over previous record  holder Abeer Medical Group (Saudi Arabia), in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Last November 2017, the said organization  made their human picture mosaic with 4,500 participants as part of their celebration for the world diabetes day.

Guinness adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi announced  -” The largest picture mosaic formed by people is an impressive 9.000 people. Congratulations! You are now officially amazing!”

INC Guiness Record Largest MosaicINC Guiness Record Largest Mosaic

The two activities took place while a charity walk was also happening. An estimated 1.5 million participated in the charity walk . Hashtag #incwalktofightpoverty trended in social media during the event.

Other Guinness records that INC targeted are- the largest charity walk in a single venue, most nationalities in a charity walk, and the largest charity walk in multiple venues for its historic “Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty.”

Results of these three other attempts will be determined later in the day.  Counting and confirming of the results from participants still has to be done in more than 300 other sites aside from those who joined the Roxas Boulevard walk.




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