INC Members to Boycott ABS-CBN

An alleged campaign by displeased INC Members to Boycott ABS-CBN is making rounds in the social media.

A Facebook page called “ABiaS-CBN”  is mobilizing this movement and is now rapidly accumulating thousands of members . The said page has reached more than 85,000 members considering this was created days ago.

The call for INC Members to Boycott ABS-CBN was reported to be based on several offensive and so-called biased news against the Iglesia ni Cristo church. INC members claim that conspicuously ABS-CBN was in cahoots with INC expelled members by selectively showing news that will put the church in bad light.

In a report by INC’s news outfit Eagle News , it was shown how many times the ABS-CBN  news crew were present on incidents at the INC compound located at Tandang Sora. According to the report, it was noticeable that ABS-CBN  news crew were most of the time trailing behind expelled INC members who intended to create a commotion or controversial incidents at the said compound. One of the videos even showed ABS-CBN reporter Ces Drilon questioning security personnel of INC compound.

INC members were also appalled on the  press conference held by Lottie Hemedez at Microtel wherein ABS-CBN, Rappler and Inquirer news were the only allowed media to cover the event. While Eagle News Broadcasting media members were left at the closed doors, prohibited to enter.

Here is the full news report:

The said move of INC Members to Boycott ABS-CBN includes not only avoiding to watch ABS-CBN shows but also antagonizing ABS-CBN social media sites and other companies and products related to the Lopez group like Sky Cable , TFC and TV Plus.

In an image posted by one of the members of the ABiaS-CBN page, it was shown how the 1 star rate of ABS-CBN News went haywire last jan. 27 and 28. Currently the page rate option has been disabled for this page. Moreover, other ABS-CBN programs’ FB pages experienced a surge on Dislikes of page.

Twitter hashtag #‎boycottABiasCBN‬ is also spread among members to use.

INC Members to Boycott ABS-CBN
Note: ABS-CBN has yet to release any official statement on this as of this writing.


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