Inspiring story of student Robin Lee Metiam and his Php 20

The inspiring story of a student named Robin Lee Metiam caught the attention of netizens and even news media.

In his Facebook account, Robin posted a photo taken during his graduation rites at Tarlac University. He was holding his diploma with his left arm and a Php 20 on the right. There is a meaningful story behind the 20 pesos bill, which Robin shared in his lengthy post.

Robin’s opening line for his FB post was that of Cornetto’s famous commercial tag line – “Hanggang saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo?

Then he continued with his story on how he spent his college years with merely Php 20 as “baon” or allowance. According to Robin, her father lost his job when he was in his first year in college. He has 6 siblings, and only his older sister finished college and was working. Robin mentioned that his older brothr decided to stop schooling so he can continue with his studies.

While studying, Robin took a aprt-time job that somehow improved his condition. He no longer had to ask money from his parents.

A good opportunity came when he qualified for a DOST Scholarship. However, he did not pass the exam.

More problems came as his siblings were about to enter high school and college.

But because of his faith and steadfast prayers, an unexpected blessing came his way.

This Robin Lee Metiam story has gone viral with more that 17k likes and thousand comments. ABS-CBN’s TV patrol also featured his inspiring story.

Read the full story below.





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