Internet repairman, suspects in Sta Rosa killing

Two technicians were allegedly considered as suspects in Sta Rosa killing in Sta. Rosa Laguna. The technicians were supposed to repair the Internet connection of the ill-fated house but now considered persons of interest in the killing of the one-year-old boy and the serious injuries suffered by his mother.

In an exclusive report, the two technicians who are now suspects in Sta Rosa killing have given their statements to the Sta. Rosa PNP. They were accompanied by their operations supervisor.

The technicians, now suspects in Sta Rosa killing allegedly ere employees of Leviscon, a sub-contractor for Globe Telecom’s Internet services.

Suspects in Sta Rosa killing

Base on reports, the victims were a 29-year-old mother and her one-year-old son were both found bloodied and unconscious on Wednesday after a so-called David Dela Cruz and his companion left their home.

Unfortunately, the son didn’t survived the injuries and he passed away at the hospital on Thursday.

Dela Cruz, one of the suspects in Sta Rosa killing,  identified himself as the technician assigned to repair the household’s Internet connection. He and his companion were the last persons seen leaving the victims’ house before they were found unconscious.

Meanwhile, the mother managed to send a message that she was suspicious of Dela Cruz’s actions. She was even able to take a picture of the suspect and send it to her husband.

On the other hand, the technicians from Leviscon denied knowing Dela Cruz and the company One Target, indicated in the suspect’s ID. Thus,they are now persons of interest in the investigation after police learned that they filed a fake report on going to the victims’ home. They were assumed to have said that there was nobody home that fateful Wednesday.

Globe Telecom, the Internet provider has issued a statement that the suspect Dela Cruz was not their employee or in any way connected to the company.

It was reportedly stated by Globe,  “The name of the suspect is not in the roster of regular and contractual employees… Further verification also indicates that he is not in the official technician listing of subcontractors in Metro Manila and Laguna”.

Suspects in Sta Rosa killing

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