Isabelle Daza becomes a Grab driver for a day

Kapamilya actress Isabelle Daza documents her one-day experience as a TNVS driver.

In her “In Real Life” Facebook series, a pregnant Isabelle¬† takes the driver seat of a TNVS, or transport network vehicle service.¬† She borrowed the car from a certain Kuya Domingo.

Before starting her TNVS driver adventure, Isabelle thanked her sponsor and asked for tips on how to gain a five-star rating.

Aside from getting the tips she needed, Isabelle also had a brief technical training on how to operate the TNVS app.

On her way to pick-up the first passenger, she had a little bit of challenges. She said that she was not used to the type of the car and there was an instance that the engine died. She even received a phone call from the passenger where she explained that she is on the way.

Her first lady passenger as expected was so surprised seeing a beautiful driver. They had a chitchat while going to Makati and of course, the trip ended with a selfie.

The second passenger, a male one, got more starstrucked seeing Isabelle Daza behind the wheels.

He had to confirm if he went aboard the correct car.

The talked about their individual Grab experience. Just like the first one, they took a selfie.

Isabelle decided to end her short TNVS driver stint as it was already 6 pm. She mentioned she didn’t want to get into the rush hour.

What can she say about this experience?

Well watch the full video and find out.

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