It’s Showtime vs. Eat Bulaga Ratings

Eat Bulaga ratings for August has proven that the longest-running daily noontime show is on top the charts. Since its ‘Juan for All, All for Juan’ co-hosts added characters to Problem Solving segment, with the addition of Yaya Dub in early July, the show started to pick up audience share.

Eat Bulaga Ratings AlDub Kalyeserye


Maine Mendoza, coined as the ‘Queen of Dubmash,’ became a hit especially when the producers introduced the on-screen Romeo & Juliet romance between Yaya Dub and Alden Richards on July 16. The non-verbal ‘dubbing’ love affair between the two was dubbed as AlDub, hence, the segment was once again renamed as the first “KalyeSerye” on television. It started as an experiment that turned out to a huge success for the show, according to Joey de Leon. Then the rest is history.

Here are the  available tabulated figures from AGB Neilsen Ratings for August comparing Eat Bulaga wiht its rival show:

Date      It’s Showtime Ratings     Eat Bulaga Ratings (in percentage)

Aug 01                  –                                            28.1

Aug 03                  13.7                                     20.8

Aug 04                  13.0                                     20.8

Aug 05                  13.8                                     22.0

Aug 06                  13.4                                     21.4

Aug 07                  13.1                                     29.2

Aug 08                  16.6                                     32.4

Aug 10                  13.5                                     30.7

Aug 11                  12.9                                     31.6

Aug 12                  8.8                                       36.1

Aug 13                  10.5                                     32.8

Aug 14                  11.3                                     31.1

Aug 15                  14.5                                     33.8

Aug 22                  11.4                                     39

It's Showtime vs Eat Bulaga Ratings

Eat Bulaga Ratings started to make a killing at the start of August, their first highest in 2015.

On August 8, AlDub Kalyeserye raised the roof when they got their second highest rating during the supposed Yaya Dub and Frankie wedding, but the ending did not go so well both for the characters and the actress when Maine fainted on live television. While in It’s Showtime, Rakista Ryan Rems Sarita won the Funny One search.

Eat Bulaga Ratings Yaya Dub

The gap between the noontime show ratings continued to widen when Yaya Dub performed on stage but Lola ni Dora held back Alden Richards from seeing her on August 12, which is a midweek episode. More recently on August 22, the wedding of Frankie with Yaya Dub pushed through only to find out that ceremony was a hoax and the eye-candy doctors were fake. The 39% ratings is now the highest rated program for 2015 according to

Eat Bulaga Ratings Aldub Frankie Yaya Dub Wedding


On the other hand, ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime is making some changes to get back audience shares by reformatting some of their segments. One example is using their social media accounts to help raise money for a blind girl and asking for pledges for her general well-being. In other instances, Vice Ganda is giving away cash, clothing & shoes to less privileged audience.

It's Showtime Ratings Vice Ganda

Photos courtesy of Vice Ganda's social media accounts.

Photos courtesy of Vice Ganda’s social media accounts.

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