Iza Calzado defends her Imelda Marcos look

Iza Calzado defended herself from harsh comments she recently received in Instagram.

The root of the brouhaha was a photo she posted when she attended Tim Yap’s birthday/ costume party last January 21.

In the photo she wore a blue terno , had her hair fully made-up and then she striked a pose with a rack full of shoes in her background. The caption of this post mentioned a personality that irritated some netizens.

Here is the controversial IG post.


Now a day after Iza Calzado flaunted her Imelda Marcos-inspired look, the bashing started.

Some netizens pointed out that she was too insensitive . There were those who even accused her of idolizing/emulating an allegedly corrupt person.

iza calzado
Photo source: pep.ph

Iza took it to Twitter to answer back and explain herself.

She also expressed disappointment on how the issue was taken.

Bt in the end, Iza still apologized for thos who were offended.

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