JaDine “Never Not Love You” Official trailer is out!

The  “Never Not Love You” official trailer is out! It is the upcoming and most awaited JaDine movie for this year and now fans will have a glimpse of what this film is all about.

Viva Entertainment posted the video on their official Youtube account. If the teaser that they released previously showed the steamy part of the movie (Read: Steamy JaDine movie teaser released), the official trailer shows a different side of the film.

“Never Not Love You” official trailer showed how the lovestory of Gio (James) and Joanne (Nadine) started. Gio was a tattoo artist and a happy-go-lucky guy, while Joanne aims to be a brand manager.

It was a quite fast-paced relationship and soon enough Gio proposed to Joanne. An opportunity came for Gio where he had to go London. Joanne left her promising job in Manila to join Gio. She did get a job in London, however as a cafe assistant. When reality kicked-in, Joanna suddenly felt unhappy with her situation. The relationship that was once sweet turned sour and Gio and Joanne edned up arguing most of the time.

Never Not Love You is the first movie since two years. Their last movie  was in 2016 titled “Till I Met You”.

This movie is directed by Antoinette Jadaone, and is scheduled for showing in theaters on March 31 .

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