Jake Zyrus displays mustache and goaty

Looks like there’s nothing that can stop Jake Zyrus from transforming!

In her Instagram account (@jakezyrusmusic), a photo was posted where it will be seen that the singer already has facial hair.

Yes, hair will be seen in the singer’s upper lip and chin.

In 2017, it was revealed that she is undergoing intravenous testosterone booster or testosterone-hormone therapy. On the same year, her breasts were removed via a medical procedure known as female to male (FTM) chest reconstruction surgery or “top surgery”. During her comeback in ASAP, Jake already wore a Barong Tagalog and sang with a deeper voice. (Read:Charice performs as Jake Zyrus in ASAP)

Last year, her photo while on the beach went viral. It was a photo where the 27-year old singer was topless while swimming. ( Jake Zyrus topless photo goes viral ) .

Here is the latest photo.

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