Janella Salvador-Jameson Blake movie: “So Connected” official trailer released

Here’s a glimpse of the upcoming Janella Salvador-Jameson Blake movie titled “So Connected”.

Kapamilya stars Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake is partnered for the first time for this romantic-comedy film under Regal Films. Janella plays the role of a hardworking girl named Tricia. Ex PBB housemate, now a Hashtag member,  Jameson potrays the role of Karter Calma. Both characters were heart-broken from past relationships. A stolen/lost phone connects them and their love story begins.

With an app called “Storebox”  Karter (Blake) was able to track his phones contents. This is how he discovered that Trisha (Janella) has his phone and has been taking photos and funny videos of herself. Eventually Karter ended up liking Tricia and just felt “So Connected” with her.

As early as November of last year, this new pairing was already introduced. Many were surprised but still received positive reactions. As we all know Janella is part of the popularly known loveteam with Elmo Magalona called “Elnella”.

Earlier, Jameson has admitted that Janella is his celebrity crush, that is why on-screen chemistry will be seen in their movie.

The film was directed by Jason Paul Lacsamana and will be shown to theaters nationwide on May 23.

Here is the teaser trailer that was released earlier this month.




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