Janella Salvador turns 18, gives18 Blessings

Kapamilya  teen star Janella Salvador will be turning 18 this coming March 30.

Now instead of having the usual 18 treasures, where her chosen friends will be presenting her gifts, this young actress decided to do something unconventional.

Posted in her Instagram account (@superjanella) is a video by Nice Print Photography, showing Janella Salvador doing rounds in the city doing an act of kindness.

Janella Salvador 18th Birthday

Her video’s caption reads:

Hello! So…. i’m turning 18 in a few days. I was actually supposed to have a celebration, but I didn’t wanna go through the stress of planning. Plus, celebrating for myself and for the world to see made me feel quite selfish and I didn’t see the point in doing so. (Let me make this clear: i’m not saying people who had debuts are selfish. This is just me being weird.)
Anyway, let’s get straight to the point.
This was supposed to be shown in my debut- before it got cancelled- to replace the 18 treasures. I don’t really agree with assigning anybody to give me gifts. If you’ll give me one, then thank you. Simple as that. I didn’t even want to have this video broadcasted and i’m not asking anyone to marvel at this “good deed”. I just found the simple joy of giving and remembering others who deserve gifts more than I do instead of receiving. I am sharing this with the hopes that people- especially the youth- will never ever forget to think about the others who are not able to enjoy the things we easily get everyday.
To you it may seem normal, to them it may be a whole new reason to hold on to life.
Think about it.
Happy Holy Week, everyone. ☺️ Ps thank you for making this happen,@niceprintphoto

Janella Salvador is the daughter of former Miss Saigon Jenine Desiderio, Juan Miguel Salvador. She was had her debut role in Be Careful With My Heart and because of her acclaimed acting, she soon had her own teleserye Oh My G!.

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