Japanese boy found safe after being left in Wilderness

After being left by parents in wilderness for punishment, the 7-year old Japanese boy found safe!

The boy was abandoned in the northern Japanese wilderness in cold, rainy weather, but managed to survive for a week until being rescued – despite being left with no food or water and wearing only jeans and a t-shirt.

It was previously reported that Yamato Tanooka was being abandoned by his parents in Hokkaido forests to punish him with his misbehaviour of throwing rocks at cars last Saturday. ( Read: Boy left in Wilderness for punishment, now missing ).

Fortunately, the Japanese boy found safe after six days of disappearance in the forest which is known for wild bears!

According to reports, the Japanese boy found safe inside an unused military building which is kilometers away from where he was last seen. Yamato survived a week in the northern Japanese wilderness alone, despite wearing only jeans and  a shirt.

The seven-year-old boy managed to find his way into an unused military base and slept between two mattresses. He stayed inside the facility for six days without any food but drank water from a tap outside.

Japanese boy found safe

The parents of seven-year-old boy Yamato Tanooka, missing in the Higashionuma mountain range (file picture) where bears live, admitted they lied about his disappearance and left him there as punishment during a family hike.

Accordingly, Yamato walked about 5.5km to the site, where he took shelter inside a hut where a door had been left unlocked and slept between mattresses, which likely kept him warm.

Japanese boy found safe

On the other hand, in the forest where Yamato was left alone on his own had an overnight temperature that dropped down to 7 degrees and there had been heavy rainfall in recent days.

Japanase boy found safe

As soon as the Japanese boy found safe, he was examined by Dr. Yoshiyuki Sakai, whom have told on reports that the child appeared to be in a good condition for a boy who had not had food for six days.

He however suffered from mild dehydration and malnutrition, and had a mild rash and scratches on his arms and legs, the doctor said. Thus, Yamato was  taken to Hakodate Hospital by helicopter and reunited with his parents.

It was further reported that Yamato was asking for water, bread and rice balls the moment he was found. It took more than 180 rescuers, including soldiers, had been scouring the area where the parents said they dropped the boy off.

After Yamato was found, his father Takayuki Tanooka revealed on interview that he had apologised to his son. Admitting also that he had gone too far.   ‘First of all, it’s really great he is safe. I can’t find words. It’s good.’

Japanese boy found safe

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