Is Jay Bee who ‘scammed’ Jollibee a ‘Con Artist’?

It all started when a Facebook parody account of Senyora Santibañez posted a screen grab of a certain Jay Bee who intentionally sabotaged a delivery from Jollibee by 1 minute to get free gift checks. The post went viral on July 3 and the post alone garnered more than 5k comments.

Fake Atenean Doctor fooled Jollibee Delivery Guy

The following day, the guy was unapologetic and even posted on his Facebook wall showing with a middle finger ‘thanking’ all those who made him famous in social media.

Guy sabotages delivery unapologetic with middle finger

A follower named Occhir sent a private message to Senyora Santibañez containing a blotter incident that was filed in Baguio City. The certification contains a report that he was victimized by the same person but the accused had a different name. He was know to him as Geoff Rodriguez/Brice John Wayne Villanueva who used to work for PAL at that time. He accused Jay Bee of swindling after he was promised an overseas job. Here is the conversation between Occhir and Senyora Santibañez:

Jay Bee aka Geoff Rodriguez aka Brice John Wayne Villanueva Jay Bee aka Geoff Rodriguez aka Brice John Wayne Villanueva

Jay Bee aka Geoff Rodriguez aka Brice John Wayne Villanueva Stafa Blotter

The victim said that Jay Bee now works as a baggage boy for Cebu Pacific.

In another conversation between a Jenwichelle Estranias (the girl who commented on the original post from July 3 regarding the delivery incident) and Senyora Santibañez, the girl mentioned that she is getting bashed by other netizens for not lashing at Jay Bee’s behavior. She said she did not want to do it because she knows how to respect other people. And when asked if Jay Bee is really from Ateneo and a doctor, the girl was uncertain.

Jay Bee fake doctor fake flight attendant fake Atenean

Credits to Senyora Santibañez.



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