Jimmy Kimmel Sings New Pacquiao Song in Tagalog

Jimmy Kimmel sings Tagalog

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel sings Tagalog song “Lalaban ako Para sa Filipino” in his live show on ABC on April 15.

His rendition has gone viral.

Jimmy Kimmel sings tagalog

Manny Pacquiao has recently recorded the song that will be played as his entourage’s “walk out song” (the one that is played when the fighter gets out of the dugout and makes his way to the ring)  on his  May 2 match with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The title translates into  “I am Going to Fight for Filipinos” which the Pacman dedicates to all his Filipino fans and compatriots all over the world.

Jimmy commented, “To inspire himself, to get himself fired up for the fight, Pacquiao released his own walkout song.”  Jimmy also said that Pacquaio also recorded a music video that “he humbly submits for consideration in next year’s Grammy Awards.”

Here is the “Jimmy Kimmel Sings Pacquiao Song” video


Jimmy Kimmel surprised the audience by singing parts of the Tagalog song during the show. He said that he listens to the song all day and can’t get it out of his head.  He jokingly told the audience that the part the he sang meant “I’m gonna beat Floyd Mayweather’s face in”.  After asking the audience if what he sang made sense to those who speak Filipino, he laughed when he was told “a little bit” and he told everyone that when he called up a Filipino that afternoon to sing the song to him over the phone, he was told that “it was good”.

In 2011, Manny Pacquiao sang the John Lennon song “Imagine” with Will Ferrell in Jimmy Kimmel’s show. The video clip also went viral on youtube and other social media.

Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel Live is shown every weeknigts via ABC channel.

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