John Lloyd Cruz is Single – the actor sets it straight!

The actor John Lloyd Cruz is single! This is what he straightforwardly sets as he face intrigues about his lovelife.

Recently, John Lloyd Cruz has been at the limelight of showbiz intrigues as his colorful lovelife has once again spread hot headlines.

On Thursday, during a press conference for the actor’s  newest endorsement, he is quick to admit the real status of his love life saying, “single na single”. Thus, John Lloyd Cruz is single!

Meanwhile, John Lloyd laughingly answered that his love life is actually “intriguing”, even attributing color to it saying, “It’s as intriguing as the color yellow. Love life ko, wala po eh.”

On the other hand, reason for his separation to former girlfriend Angelica Panganiban is still a hot topic to the fans as none of them came to admit the real deal.

Also, John Lloyd quickly flashed a smile and denied all the issues pertaining his break-up to Angelica as highly connected to the separation of John Lloyd’s long-time on-screen partner Bea Alonzo to former boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo and that the public was quick to conclude that he and Bea may have indeed finally gotten together.

Of course, the actor was asked if he and Bea have actually discussed the controversies surrounding them, John lloyd says, “We don’t feel the need to talk about it, alam namin yung totoo”.

It might be still intriguing for everyone what had caused his break-up, it is surreal that many girls are aiming for the actor as John LLoyd Cruz is single now!

In conclusion, for everyone’s information, John Lloyd Cruz is now the new face of Western Union.

John Lloyd Cruz is Single

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