Kiray as Narda, Pia W. as Darna- Fanny Serrano

Celebrity hairdresser and make-up artist Fanny Serrano made a striking comment on who should be the next Darna.

In his Instagram account he mentioned that comedian Kiray should be “Narda” and Pia Wurtzbach as “Darna”.

In Mar Ravelo’s comics story, Narda is the human form of the fictional Filipino superheroine. When she swallows the magical white stone and shout out Darna , she then transforms into a supehero. Flying, super strength and and invincibility are Darna’s powers.

In his IG post, Fanny Serrano shared that he has been watching Darna series since early 50’s.

He has been very familiar with the characters and the story that he was able to point out the difference of the old Darna and what he called the Millenium Darna.

According to Fanny, the recent Darna series only had one charcter playing the role of both Darna and Narda. He said the logically speaking, if Narda closely resembles Darna, she will easily be identified by her enemies.

This is where he got the idea that Kiray would fit a Narda and Darna would be our Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

Because of the big difference between the two ladies in terms of image, Fanny said “Sino ang maghihinalang si Narda ay si Darna?”

Here is his interesting post.


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