Kris Aquino asked to leave cinema with Bimby

Kris Aquino revealed in her IG post that she got caught trying to sneak her son Bimby in an R-13 movie.

According to Kris, they were supposed to watch the horror Tagalog movie “Kuwaresma” in an Ayala mall cinema.

However, the movie house staff of course recognized them and knew that Bimby is just 12-years old. Thus, they were asked to leave the cinema.

Kris shared they wanted to watch the movie to support Kapamilya actress Sharon Cuneta and John Arcilla. This Erik Matti horror flick if the first-ever for the Megastar .

But Kris did not get angry or offended. In fact she said that the staff were apologetic.

Here is the full post.

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you know how some people can get away with like literally big crimes & they get a free pass, and some people like yours truly attempt to bend the rules just a teeny tiny bit and automatically get caught? On purpose, it was just me, @rochelleahorro, @bincailuntayao, and jane with no guards, really low key, to watch the 7:55 PM screening of KUWARESMA so we wouldn’t attract attention… since Bimb is so tall, Rochelle said hindi na mapapansin- and Bimb & i really wanted to watch @reallysharoncuneta’s movie. Well, we were caught and in fairness to the @iloveayalamallscinemas staff they were even apologetic that unfortunately we’re “famous” and a lot of people know Bimb is only 12 and they didn’t want to get in trouble with the MTRCB. What we managed to watch (close to 30 minutes before we were asked to leave) was creepy, and the 3 main actors, Sharon, @johnarcilla, and the fresh discovery portraying “Luis” were all completely immersed in their roles and the sepia feel of the cinematography gave the movie a hard to distinguish time frame (was guessing the 1960s-70s). The musical scoring did a lot to transport us to the past. Soon enough this movie will be available via VOD and we’ll get to watch its completion then (promised Bimb i won’t watch it without him)- which does bring up something worth discussing, our not yet adult kids can watch movies and series (example Game of Thrones) with very mature themes, on their gadgets & maybe the classification of movies is something that needs re-evaluation because access has become so much easier because of streaming (netflix, amazon, iflix), prime cable (HBO, Showtime etc), and iTunes and Google Play. No excuses, mali kami for trying na ipuslit si bimb- but the reality is in a few months time he’ll be able to watch Kuwaresma through Video on Demand. Excited lang kami to support sa theatrical run @reallysharoncuneta’s 1st horror film. But this Mama has learned her lesson, R13 movies showing in cinemas will wait until April 19, 2020. #motherhood #lifelessons

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