KZ Tandingan Real Gone performance in China’s Singer 2018

The awaited KZ Tandingan Real Gone performance video is now up!

For her 4th performance for China’s reality singing show titled ‘Singer 2018’, KZ went for the rock and roll genre. She sang “Real Gone” , which is part of the original soundtrack of Disney movie “Cars” . This was originally sung by American country singer Sheryl Crow.

According to reports, KZ has never heard this song. To add to the challenge, she only had three days to learn it.

KZ matched her outfit with the song. She wore plain black top paired with leather pants.

While singing she had an electric guitar around her.

Just like her “Rolling in the Deep” performance (Read :KZ Tandingan performs at The Singer 2018 China) , KZ inserted a Tagalog rap in her rendition.

Come on everybody sa akin ay sumabay, sama sama sumayaw at itaas ang mga kamay,” she told the Chinese crowd.

Here is her performance video.

This is the 8th episode of “Singer 2018” .  KZ is now a regular contestant in this contest. Other contenders are Jessie J, Tengri, Juno, , Hua Chenyu, , Angela Chang, , James Li,  and Wang Feng.

The audience of the show serves as the judges. The top performers are determined via their votes.

For this episode, no results were revealed yet.





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