Lady driver on road rage, punches old taxi driver

A video of a lady driver on road rage has gone viral online and she is now being pursued by LTFRB.

In the said video, it will be seen that two vehicles collided with each other. The involved vehicles were a white taxi and a silver Honda sedan.

The private car was driven by a lady who was seen already out of the car and arguing with the driver. The companion of the lady driver, wearing sando and shorts was trying to intervene and attempted to stop the altercation.

However, when he was able to lead back the angered lady driver to the car, she intentionally breaks taxi’s side mirror. The taxi driver’s hand will be seen trying to fix back the side mirror. Still not pacified, the lady driver  hit the driver on the face.

The taxi driver, alights his vehicle holding onto the side where he was hit. He walks towards the gutter and sits down.

Despite the taxi driver’s condition, the lady driver on road rage continued to yell and also took pictures of Mang Boy and his taxi.

After a few minutes, a man in motorcyle, which was later identified as a police came into the scene.

According to news reports, the lady driver was a BPO employee named Cherish Sharmaine Interior. While the taxi driver is Virgilio Murillo Doctor (Mang Boy). This incident happened in Congressional Avenue, Quezon City.

The original video was posted by a netizen named Gilbert Jarino Manalili . He also posted an interview with the taxi driver who narrated what happened . Mang Boy mentioned that his blood pressure did shoot-up during the road rage. He also issued a public apology.

In the latest updates, Mang Boy already went to LTFRB to file an affidavit. As per LTFRB, they will coordinate with LTO for this case.

Here are the videos.