Lady netizen slammed for calling guy in LRT ungentleman

A lady netizen named Karla Monique Olandesca is now being pounded by other netizens for sharing an FB post .

It was a post about her short MRT ride from North Ave. to Cubao. An image of a guy seated in the train was posted in her wall. The guy was wearing a yellow shirt, with backpack on his lap and as wearing earphones plugged into his cellphone.

This lady netizen took photo of the guy not because she likes him or she finds him cute. It’s the other wy around actually.

Olandesca captured the photo of this guy to bash him because he did not offer his seat to her while aboard the train.

Well it was another “chivalry is dead” thing.

But instead of earning empathy, this lady netizen was also bashed of what she has done.

Her post saying – “Kung Ano Yung Kina-Pangit Ng Mukha Mo.. Yung Din Kina-Pangit Ng Ugali Mo. Bagay Na Bagay yung Mukha Mo Sa Ugali. Perfect Combination Pare! Haha!” earned criticisms from fellow netizens who found the statement to be mean and offending.

But despite the ongoing debate, Karla stood firm on her point of view.

Here is the full post and comments from netizens.

lady netizen LRT


lady netizen FB comments 3 lady netizen FB comments 2 lady netizen FB comments 1

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