Laglag Bala in NAIA Bugs Outgoing Passengers

Laglag bala in NAIA
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Laglag bala in NAIA bugs outgoing passengers from Manila. Several incidents caused annoyance and dismay to the public, most recent is with a 65-year-old woman bound to Singapore. According to, screeners from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport found a live .9mm bullet in the passenger’s shoulder bag Sunday, November 1.

The incident, which can be associated with Laglag bala in NAIA, reportedly involved Nimfa Fontamillas. She was reportedly invited by her daughter to accompany her in watching her 11-year-old grandson play football as part of the Philippine football team for the Singa Cup on November 2-6, 2015 at The Cage Sports Park Singapore.

According to SP01 Godofredo Sugcang  of the National Police’s Aviation Security Group, Fontamillas together with her daughter Menchie Tan were supposed to board Tiger Air going to Singapore when the former was held    at the final security check for questioning due to a bullet found in her bag.

“You people don’t just plant. You’re magicians, too!” Fontamillas reportedly exclaimed according to OTS source.

It was reported that Fontamillas was in tears as her luggage was opened by airport authorities in the presence of her lawyer as the bullet was found in the side pocket closed only with a zipper.

Laglag bala in NAIA has raised complaints regarding official’s incompetence and insensitivity over passengers being apprehended for having bullets in their luggage.


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