Lauren Reid, the equally hot sister of James

It’s in their genes! Lauren Reid, Kapamilya star James Reid’s equally gorgeous sister is being watched out for possibly being the next “It Girl”.


Lauren Reid 1

Lauren Reid

Photo source: @laurenreidabook IG

Well, not only because she is the sister of one of the hottest heartthrob of the Jadine loveteam. Lauren Reid is  definitely stunning , pretty and could also pass to become a celebrity like her brother.

Obviously, she has the mestiza features just like her half-brother from her dad’s side. Just a little trivia, a the two are actually at the same age, being born in  the same year. Lauren who was born April 17, 1993 is just a 24 days older than James who followed  on May 11, 1993.

Lauren Reid James reid sister

Photo source: @laurenreidabook IG


In her IG account, it will be seen that Lauren Reid loves being healthy as evidenced by  her “Health is Wealth ” shoutout in her IG account.

Being a health buff, James’ sister seems to love outdoors and some workouts like wall climbing, cycling  and even boxing.

Lauren Reid sexy

Photo source: @laurenreidabook IG

Lauren Reid 6

It’s no wonder Lauren definitely has a super bod to be proud of.

Lauren Reid sexy

Most importantly, Lauren no doubt supports real-life sweethearts Jadine. One of her photos included a picture with Nadine and James said to be taken in New York. There was also a picture of Nadine and Lauren as they probably chit-chat while enjoying a nice view.

Lauren Reid Jadine

Photo source: @laurenreidabook IG


Lauren though not yet a celebrity just like her brother already has followers of her own. Currently she has more than 87k IG followers.



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