Actress Liezl Martinez dies of Breast Cancer

Actress Liezl Martinez, wife of Albert Martinez, died 6:15 am  today, Saturday morning of March 14, 2015 because of stage 4 cancer.

Anna-Lissa Sumilang Martinez, with Liezl Martinez as her screen name, finally gave up the fight on battling the twice afflicted breast cancer that reached its advance stage. She was confined since Monday , March 9 and died peacefully today while sleeping.

Cheng Mulach, Liezl’s uncle said in an interview “Liezl is surrounded by her beloved husband, Albert; precious children, Alyanna, Alfonso, and Alyssa; loving mother, Amalia; father Bobby; and her relatives at this time of love and grief. “Thank you for your continued prayers. The family shall be sharing the funeral announcement soon.”

Liezl Martinez

Stage 4 cancer took away Liezl Martinez on March 14, 2015

Martinez family on discovering the cancer

It was in 2008 that actress Liezl Martinez  was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a series of tests, chemotherapy and she also availed of the controversial stem cell therapy.

It was discovered in a breast examination she underwent when she was 41 years old. In an interview, Liezl narrated “…a lump. It wasn’t that big, parang two centimeters lang. It was so small kaya hindi ko siya nakakapa. But it turned out to be the aggressive type, Stage 3, located in my underarm. Nasa lymph nodes ko na ‘yung cancer.”

Liezl Martinez

Liezl Martinez and Family

In 2010, Liezl had a mastectomy operation.

During her battle, husband Albert supported her all throughout.

The actress has went into full remission after her fifth cycle of chemo and sixth stem cell injection in September 2011.

The deceased actress was survived by spouse Albert Martinez and three children Alyanna, Alfonso, and Alyssa.

Liezl Martinez  was 47 years old. She is the only daughter of actor Romeo Vasquez and Amalia Fuentes .

An announcement earlier stated that her remains will be brought to Arlington.

More updates to follow.

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