Little Mix member comment on Morissette Amon’s “Secret Love Song” cover

Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall, posted clips of Morissette Amon’s “Secret Love Song” cover in her IG story.

The video was showing a group watching Morisette’s performance on a TV screen. It was the Kapamiya singer’s Asia Song Festival entry, which was held in Korea last September 2017. (Read:Morissette Amon, PH representative for Asia Song Festival 2017 in Korea)

Voices will be heard on the background expressing awe, especially when the Asia’s Phoenix, Morissette  belted the high notes and let out her signature “piyok-like” voice technique.

A female voice will be heard saying “Oh, I love her!”.

While expression of amazement were “Jesus!” and “Oh my gosh,” by other male spectators.

Jade Thirlwall tagged the official Instagram account of Morissette for the videos she posted, with the caption “Is @itsmorissette real?!”.

Morissette knew about the reaction of this Little Mix member , and was definitely in cloud nine with the attention she received.

And what’s more interesting was Jade Thirlwall started following Morisette’s Twitter account.

Here is what she posted on her Twitter account.


Her is the performance video, which trended in Youtube .

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