Live Worms Found on World-Renowned Chocolate

An irate customer who complained against Ferrero Rocher SA posted a rant on his Facebook wall against the chocolate company after he found live worms in a pack of chocolates he bought.

Ferrero Rocher Live Worms

Peter Bauer complained in his post on July 22 in that he had tried to bring the matter to the attention of Ferrero Rocher SA by writing several emails and by making a number of phone calls to the company’s customer relations division but he did not receive any response. According to Bauer, he had been trying to get in touch with Ferrero Rocher SA since June 23.

Ferrero Rocher Live Worms

Bauer took pictures of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates that had live worms in them and said in his Facebook post that he attached the said pictures in his email to the chocolate company.

Out of frustration, the hapless customer commented, “perhaps Ferrero Rocher SA is too big (as an international brand) and don’t fear negative publicity (sic)”.

Ferrero Rocher Live Worms

This is not the first time that live worms were found on Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. In September 2014, another customer complained about the same incident and posted a video of worm-infested chocolates. According to the customer, the Ferrero Rocher chocolates she bought “still had a one-year validity” and yet live worms were found in the chocolates.


More recently, another reported incident in Korea was posted here.

Ferrero Rocher SA is an international chocolate brand that was first introduced into the market in 1982 by Italian chocolatier Ferrero S.p.A. With its chocolates made up of whole roasted hazelnuts encased in thin wafer shells filled with hazelnut cream and vegetable oil covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts, it became popular to many chocolate lovers around the world.

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