LizQuen relationship confirmed in GGV

LizQuen relationship has finally been revealed.

In the GGV’s (Ganding Gabi Vice) Kuryentanong segment, the most awaited answer if the onscreen loveteam are indeed a real-life couple was finally confirmed by who else? But Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano themselves!

Kuryentanong is the porion of the show where Vice’s guests place their hand over a gadget . Questions are asked and if the person being asked gives a false answer, he/she gets electrocuted.

Vice added a twist for Liza and Enrique’s Kuryentanong. Instead of him asking the questions, Vice said that the two should instead ask each other.

Liza was the first one to ask a question. She asked if Enrique finds Vice beautiful. Because of the result, Vice had to ask Liza the same question.

Now Vice demanded for more complex questions to be asked.

“Yung matinding tanong, yung magigimbal kaming lahat” was how he described it.

This is where the overly “kilig” moment started!

Enrique then asked Liza ” Sa tingin mo talaga tayo na forever?”

A question that got everyone in the studio shrieking.

The questions that followed brought to light the real status of the LizQuen relationship.

Vice even called for Liza’s manager Ogie Diaz who was with the audience .

Watch the full video below. It is now #1 trending in Youtube PH!

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