LizQuen video: Liza Soberano surprise Enrique Gil with a bongga birthday party!

Onscreen and off cam, LizQuen is really a kaka-kilig couple!

Liza Soberano just proved that she is pretty and also sweet girlfriend. For Enrique’s 26th birthday, Liza organized a birthday party .Take note, it was not just an ordinary party for it was an island party!

In the video posted  and edited by Wishing Well, it will be seen that Liza did a wonderful job in pulling-up this grand Jamaican-themed party. Liza will be seen being hands-on on some of the party stuff. The props used in the party set-up was really amazing! The place was filled with green-yellow-red Jamaican colors, a mini-bar, and there was even a small fisherman’s boat at the center that had the name “Quen” on it. Since it was an island, of course the guest were transported via ferry.

There were a lot of activities in the party like Henna tattooing, beer pong and frisbee game.

Of course the highlight of the event was when Enrique arrived. He was surely surprised seeing people cheering when they were about to dock the island.

At one part of the video, Liza’s voice will be heard saying her message to the “Bagani” actor.

“I hope you were surprised. Like you told me earlier, you don’t get many surprises, and it’s hard to surprise you. I’m glad we were able to pull it off. Thank you for always being here for me. I want to be the same towards you. I love you.”

The party was more livened-up with games, drinks music and fireworks.

See the full video below.



Enrique Gil



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