Look: Colorful cloud appeared in Zamboanga del Sur

A colorful cloud caught attentions of netizens as it radiated pastel swirls and immersing a seemingly rare  sky display

In a Facebook post of a certain Anne Elle Salikala about the colorful cloud was going viral as it was captioned as: “The unicorn is here.”

She also posted a video of the rare, colorful cloud display which was allegedly taken in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur.


(c:Anne Elle Salikala Facebook)

The post of Anne about the colorful cloud has attracted so much netizens as it generated  at least 18,000 reactions and at least 85,699 shares on Facebook.

However, as they say, for every phenomenal event, there is always a scientific explanation. In here, ABS-CBN resident meteorologist Leonilo Millares identified the multi-colored phenomenon as “cloud iridescence” or the display of rainbow colors caused by the distribution of light through “small water droplets present in cumulus or circus clouds.”

“This phenomenon will not occur if the water droplets that formed in the clouds are too big,” Millares said.

He also added that cloud iridescence are considered rare because people in the Philippines are not keen on reporting or documenting every sighting of the phenomenon.

To conclude, Millares said that cloud iridescence can happen anywhere, even on nights when the moon shines bright, provided that cloud formations carry the minuscule droplets needed to refract the light.


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