Viral: Woman cause LRT commotion with alleged “manghihipo”

A viral video of an LRT commotion has been circulating in social media.

This video shows a fiasco that happened at the door of a train coach. An angry woman was pulling a man from his collar and demanding him to alight the train.

In a very loud voice, the woman shouted “Lumabas ka!” repeatedly. The man she was attacking was wearing a blue polo and was inside the train, standing near the door.

While people were coming in and out of the train, the big scene continued.Even when the train doors that were about to close, the furious lady wearing what looked like a uniform did not give-up. She clutched on the man’s clothing tightly.

In the video it will be heard that other male passengers were asking the man to go out of the train. A voice will be heard saying “Lumabas ka…kung lalake ka harapin mo yan“.

A security guard finally arrives at the scene and escorts the man to step out of the train. It was not captured and documented as to what happened after.

As said in the caption of the video, this woman in this LRT commotion was allegedly victimized by a “manghihipo”.

Netizens now have mixed reactions on this. Some sympathized with the victim, while others said that she should’ve taken the coach exclusivekly for women to avoid ugly incidents like this.

But in this LRT commotion, it turned out that the man accused as “manghihipo” also became a victim.

Netizens pointed out on how a “mandurukot” took advantage of the situation. Questions were now raised if this was just a modus?

Watch the full video and be sure to hit the pause the button at 1:11.



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