LTFRB: Report Drivers refusing Taxi Fare rollback

After the taxi fare rollback of Php 10 was implemented last March 9 (Read:Bus and taxi fare rollback are expected this week), LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) released and advise to report taxi drivers who refuse to abide.

The current flag-down rate is no Php 30 versus the old Php 40 rate. The said rollback was brought about by the lowering of petroleum products in the world market. Protests of different transport groups did not stop LTFRB in approving this rollback.  In fact, aside from taxi fare rollback, jeepney fare was also reduced from the minimum fate of Php 7.50 to Php 7.00.

Taxi fare rollback


When this taxi fare rollback was cascaded, LTFRB clarified that this is only provisional or temporary. This is the reason why taxi meters were no longer required to be calibrated.

Now in case commuters encounter crooked taxi drivers who still charge the Php 40 flag-down rate, they can file a complaint. According to the Official Gazette site, commuters may contact the following nos. to make an incident report:

For landline, they may call 426-2515  and for mobile phone they may text or call  09214487777.

Drivers who refuse to charge the correct flag-down rate of Php 30 will be penalized.

A Php 5,000 fine for the first offense awaits taxi drivers who will violate the taxi fare rollback mandate.


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