Luis Manzano speaks on setlling down with Jessy Mendiola

Actor-TV host Luis Manzano speaks about settling down with girfriend Jessy Mendiola.

As Luis Manzano speaks about settling down with Jessy, the actor said that he considers their relationship as  “very, very steady.”

As Luis Manzano speaks about settling down, he said that he would rather  respect the actress’ “timetable.”

“I’m not forgetting the fact that she’s only 24 and I’m turning 36 on April 21st,” he said in an interview on the sidelines of a press conference for his newest endorsement on Thursday.

“Para sa akin, I completely understand the fact that she still has so much responsibilities for herself, for her family, and I will never take that away from her. I respect her timetable the same way she respects my timetable,” he added.

“But when she’s ready, I’m definitely right by her side. We’re definitely taking our time.”

Luis also said that he is enjoying the fact that he and Mendiola have different perspectives given their age gap.

“I mean her being a bata, medyo bata pa talaga siya, iba ang mentality niya. ‘Yung sa akin naman, being a bit on the old side, but we still get along,” he said. “You think na bata ‘yan baka we are not on the same wavelength, pero we are.”

On the other hand, as the summer is fast approaching, Luis shared that he and Jessy are planning to go on more beach trips.

“For April, May, mayroon kaming beach trips… Gumagawa kami ng time. I think she’s very busy, at the same time ako, I’m very fortunate to be working, so we have to put in that extra effort to spend time with each other,” he said.

When he was asked if Jessy gets along with his mother, veteran actress Vilma Santos, Manzano replied: “Yes, they are.”

He also shared that Jessy even sent flowers to vilma Santos last Valentines Day.

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