Magnitude 7.4 earthquake hit New Zealand

The US Geological Survey magnitude 7.4 earthquake rocked central New Zealand just after midnight.

As such, New Zealand’s Civil Defense warned residents along the country’s entire east coast to seek higher ground.

And as per reports, the Magnitude 7.4 earthquake generated a tsunami that hit the northeast coast of the South Island.

Anna Kaiser, a seismologist at GNS Science, said a tidal signal or surge of up to 3 feet had been recorded in North Canterbury region of the South Island.

“That’s reasonably significant so people should take this seriously,” she reportedly told Radio New Zealand.

Reported further, the magnitude 7.4 earthquake was centered 91 km north-northeast of Christchurch, the biggest city on New Zealand’s South Island. Previously, a 6.3 quake there in February 2011 killed 185 people and caused widespread damage.

Allegedly, the tremor, which was measured by New Zealand’s Geonet at magnitude 6.6, was felt throughout most of New Zealand. Civil Defense said it was too early to assess the damage or whether there had been any injuries or deaths.

“The whole house rolled like a serpent and some things smashed, the power went out,” a woman who gave her name as Elizabeth told Radio New Zealand from her home in Takaka, near the top of the South Island.

Residents in Wellington said glass had fallen from buildings into the streets.

Following the magnitude 7.4 earthquake, a series of aftershocks were recorded around the country, some as strong as 6.1 magnitude.

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