Viral: Maltreated Saudi OFW sleeps in C.R

Story of a maltreated Saudi OFW has gone viral online.

While many are enjoying the holidays, one of our OFW kababayan ,”Mhae”  is shedding tears because of her condition. She is allegedly suffering from maltreatment from her employers. A photo was posted showing the inadequate food she is receiving. A few slices of bread and filling (palaman), which is said to be given once a day only.

What’s more pitiful is Mhae is allegedly asked to sleep in the C.R (comfort room)!

After a day’s work, this maltreated Saudi OFW  will rest in a scanty space, with a blanket is spread out on top of the cold tiles of the restroom.

Maltreated Saudi OFW

Photo from rachel Sarao FB account

Maltreated Saudi OFW

There was also a video in the FB post, where it will be seen that Mhae was on a video call with a fellow OFW. Her words can’t be clearly heard, but her tears spoke for herself. It is evident that she needs help. Good thing the fellow OFW she was talking to gave encouraging words.

“Magpakatatag ka” was the advise Mhae received.

In the caption posted in FB, it was said that Mhae just recently left the Philippines to work in Saudi Arabia. She is from Aklan.

Her relatives’ and agency’s contact no. is posted as well.



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