Caught on Cam: Man hitting a woman in a bus

A netizen shared a less than a minute video of a man hitting a woman in a bus.

It was a terrible incident he witnessed and recorded while aboard a bus. The netizen holding the phone cam had a back view of this violent scene that involved a what looked like a large-built man and a woman in white shirt.

The woman in the video was badly beaten-up by the man. She was punched in the abdomen, hit in the head, hair pulled , and slapped several times. It will be seen that the woman tried to fight back and push the man away. Yet the man remained unshaken and continued to beat her up.

Strangely , while violence was ongoing inside the bus, not one passenger attempted to meddle or help the woman.

This video of man hitting a woman in a bus has become viral and some netizens even criticized the person taking the video.

It was pointed out that instead of taking the video and be posting it in FB, the woman should’ve been aided. A netizen said that the other passengers who were mostly male should’ve ganged-up on the man.

Man hitting a woman in a bus

Good thing this video did not happen in the Philippines! Yes. This man hitting a woman in a bus video was said to have happened in Vietnam.

Neverthless, it is a crime to hurt women according to the law. In the Philippines, violence against women is punishable under Republic Act No. 9262- Anti-VAWC Act – “If the courts have proven that the offender is guilty of the crime, he may be imprisoned and will be obliged to pay P100,000 to P300, 000 in damages. The length of imprisonment depends on the gravity of the crime.”.




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