Man kills 5 people in stabbing spree in Pasay Condominium

An enraged man stabbed several people randomly in a Pasay Condominium.

The suspect named Alberto Garan left five fatalities namely  Emelyn Sagun, Joel Palacios (70 y.o); Daisery Castillo (12 y.o); Ligaya Dimapilis (36 y.o); and Leticia Ecsiagan (around 50-60 y.o). Other injured individuals now confined in Pasay General Hospital are Belcris Elorde (24 y.o) April Joy Sagarino (20 y.o); Arlyn Dian Cordero (23 y.o); and Margie Morales (26 y.o).

Pasay-PNP tagged this incident as a crime of passion.

According to news reports, the suspect and live-in partner/girlfriend Sagun had a heated argument at around 6:00 pm, Wednesday night. The fight ended tragically as seen in CCTV footage from the condominium security camera.At first, Garan attempted to shoot Sagun with his gun but missed. He ended up stabbing Sagun multiple times and even had her thrown out from the 14th floor of Central Park 2 Condominium. The latter died instantly.

Garan’s madness did not stop there.

On his way out, Garan bumped into former Social Services System spokesperson and journalist  Joel Palacios whom he also stabbed. Garan even went after Palacios’ live-in partner Belcris Elorde. Garan went up to 17th floor where he found grade 6 student Castillo alighting the elevator. When Garan reached the 20th floor, he barged into a room where cousins Sagarino who is pregnant and Cordero were residing. Two other victims followed as Garan entered the room of Dimapilis , Ecsiagan and Morales who was confined in ICU.

It took the authorities 5 hrs. to contain the suspect in this Pasay condominium violence.

Garan was killed during the chase, which moved the case to be closed. A 38 caliber gun and the weapon used for stabbing was retrieved from the deceased suspect.

NCRPO Chief Oscar Albayalde has ordered an investigation to find out if there were lapses on the condominium’s security team. He mentioned that the incident was not immediately reported to a police station that was very near the crime scene. Pasay City Police Stn. Commander Edgar Dimaunahan was suspended from his post while the investigation is ongoing.

The suspect was said to have been addicted to illegal drugs.









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