Man who dies while watching The Conjuring 2, missing

The Conjuring 2 is one of the scariest movie at present that almost everyone wants to see and experience, maybe for fun or to prove the hidden stories of the controversial horror movie.

But in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, a horrible incident happened to a man while watching The Conjuring 2 movie.

According to reports, a 65 year-old man died on Thursday night during the screening of The Conjuring 2.

The Conjuring 2

Base on reports, the man allegedly complained of chest pain at the climax of the horror movie and was rushed to the Old Government Hospital.

Meanwhile, the man was not alone in the cinemas and was reportedly accompanied by a fellow native of the town Andhra Pradesh.

This other person allegedly was with the deceased at the Old Government Hospital and had requested that the body be transferred to Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital.

But before either men were identified, they both disappeared. No one knows the whereabouts of the two men.

It was further reported in an India news, “Someone accompanying him hurriedly took the body with the help of an auto rickshaw to the place where he was staying.”

At present, police authorities are doing investigations on the case, talking to auto drivers and lodges in town to establish the identity of both men.




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