Mandaluyong City bans firecrackers on residential areas

Firecrackers on residential areas will be banned in Mandaluyong City.

Jimmy Isidro, Public Information Officer of the municipality of Mandaluyong said that using of firecrackers will only be allowed in the designated firecracker zone . Each of the 27 barangay in Mandaluyong will have an assigned area where firecrackers can be lit. Only “lusis” type of firecrackers will be allowed in the residential areas to prevent firecracker accidents.

It was also stated that police , baranggay and fire station personnel will be deployed to patrol the city on New Year’s eve.

Last year, while other cities had a designated firecracker zone ,  Mayor Carmelita “Menchie” Abalos  ordered a total firecracker ban Mandaluyong City.

The city instead had Linear Park, Barangay Vergara as their community fireworks display zones.

Philippine National Police Firearms and Explosives Office (PNP FEO) has already released the list of banned firecrackers for 2018 New Year. (Read: PNP confirms 2018 banned firecrackers for New Year)

The list includes:

• Super lolo
• Whistle bomb
• Goodbye Earth
• Atomic big triangulo
• Piccolo
• Judas belt

These ordinances are in relation to Executive Order 28  (REGULATION AND CONTROL OF THE USE OF FIRECRACKERS AND OTHER PYROTECHNIC DEVICES), which President Rodrigo Duterte signed  last June 2017. This law stated that the use of firecrackers  must be confined to regulated “community fireworks display” to minimize the risk of injuries and casualties.





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