Marcelito Pomoy appears in Ellen DeGeneres show

Marcelito Pomoy recently appeared at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” He is the latest Filipino to guest in this popular talk show.

He was interviewed first by Ellen and an interpreter helped Marcelino answer the questions. Marcelito said that at h didn’t immediately believe that he got an invite from the show and initially thought that it was a spam email. Even after he had a Skype call with a representative of the show he still had doubts. It was not until his ticket was emailed to him that he finally got convinced that it was real!

The Kapamilya singer and Ellen talked about Marcelito’s humble beginnings. According to Marcelito, he started to sing at early age of seven and learned that he had this gift to switch voices at the age of eighteen. Ellen also asked Marcelito about his experience living in the streets and finally ending up as winner at the 2012 Pilipinas Got Talent. Marcelito said that he worked as a Pin boy and was paid Php 50 for each and slept at the streets at night. He said that he joined the contest with the inspiration that he would be able to see his family.

Ellen said that he was thrilled with Marcelito Pomoy ‘s videos and was excited that he is in the show.

Marcelito graced the show with two songs – “The Prayer” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

Here are the interview and performance videos-







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