Marcelito Pomoy meets Celine Dion

Marcelito Pomoy finally had the once in a lifetime chance to meet his idol Celine Dion!

If we recall the Kapamilya singer made it into the International scene when he guested at the top-rating US talkshow of Ellen DeGeneres. (Read: Marcelito Pomoy appears in Ellen DeGeneres show)

During his interview, he mentioned that Celine Dion is one of his most favorite singer. In fact, he sang “The Prayer” and “Beauty and the Beast” in the show.

Now it was indeed a dream come true to this 2012 Philippines Got Talent grand winner!

In his Facebook account Marcelito Pomoy posted a photo of him posing with no other than the Grammy-winning singer Celine Dion!

According to the post, the Ellen DeGeneres show sponsored this experience! Yes aside from the concert ticket, Marcelito said that they were checked-in at Caesars Palace. The meet and greet was also set-up by the show.

However, Marcelito shared that the meet and greet was a unique experience. He said that the security was tight and he was not able to use his own camera to take the picture. But of course he didn’t mind it and was still very thankful for the experience!

Here are Marcelito’s posts.

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