Maria Ozawa interview with Magic 89.9 Boys Night Out

Three days ago, a lot went gaga about Maria Ozawa in Manila.

Maria Ozawa in Manila


Boys Night out DJs Slick Rick, Tony Toni and Sam YG had a naughty chitchat with popular Japanese sexy star  Maria Ozawa.

Famous lines in this cheeky Maria Ozawa interview? Read on!


Maria Ozawa on wrists …

BNO: “ You don’t know how many men have hurt their wrist.. they call you the wristbreaker”


On Filipino fans…

” Please don’t tell us to come earlier, because I think a lot have already come earlier”


On relationships…

BNO”What was hard? The relationship or the guy?”

Maria Ozawa’s answer: The guy

BNO: Screams.. Idol! Idol! The guys is hard? So are we!


On Maria Ozawa videos…

BNO: With all the videos , I have seen, your’re so into the moment,  your so passionate … Is this really real?

Maria Ozawa: It’s 100% real

BNO: No.. you’re killing me.. My toes are curling!


On moaning…

BNO: I always thought the moaning was fake

Maria Ozawa: No, they are not fake


Maria Ozawa’s Bar Yugiri…

BNO: Being a bar owner, do guys always wanna jus take body shots with you?

Maria Ozawa: Lot of tourist people come by, and like you’re Maria Ozawa,. Oh is there a shower room in this bar?


Radio booth on the bucketlist…

BNO: Have you made love in a radio booth?

Maria Ozawa: No

BNO: Aha bucketlist!  Bucketlist! Pakicheck na nga yung surroundings. Guard pakisarae yung mga blinds


On photoshoots…

BNO: Clothes on or clothes off? What do you like now?

Maria Ozawa: Now I like it on, but in Japan , I take it off. 

BNO: Can you show just a..

Maria Ozawa: Ok just a little bit

BNO: CRAZY SCREAMS!!!! Turn off the U Stream, is this allowed in radio?


Maria Ozawa kinda’ guy

BNO: Top 3 qualities to be a Maria Ozawa kind of guy

Maria Ozawa: Gentleman…he’s kind is ok..caring


What matters for Maria Ozawa

BNO: Does size really matter..or more of performance. What would you take size or performance?

Maria Ozawa: Size..I don’t’s really hard.

BNO : Not yet…woaaaa

Maria Ozawa: But I don’t really like the huge one

BNO : Oh don’t worry we’re not huge as Pinoy..we’re the tama lang. It’s called vienna sausage..wag naman vienna, longganisa..Pampanga’s Best!


Maria Ozawa’s dream partner

BNO: Younger guy , older guy

Maria Ozawa: If it’s older the better

BNO: Taller? Shorter?

Maria Ozawa: About the same , I’m taller

BNO: But it doesn’t matter when you’re lying down right. It’s the same thing


Maria Ozawa’s drink

BNO: What’s you’re drink of choice when you go out?

Maria Ozawa: Tequila

BNO: Wow! There’s a saying herw that “Basta’t may Tequila, lalabas ang dila”.  How do you translate that? When there’s Tequila the tongue is around. Because you have to lick thru it and suck. “Basta may Tequila may pipila”. 


Indecent proposals for Maria Ozawa

BNO: A lot of guys fantasize about you, do you get indecent proposals?

Maria Ozawa: Sometimes

BNO: How do you turn those guys down?

Maria Ozawa: Ahh.. no I don’t say

BNO: Yes! Ilabas ang checkbook. May cheke.. eto na pinipirmahan na.


The very famous face of Maria Ozawa

BNO: Can we see that very famous.. the orgasm face?  No sound, no sound. I’ll show you mine. Here we go. (laughing)

Maria Ozawa: Bad! You have to be better..ahahaha

BNO: It’s like you’re turning into the’re eyelids is going everywhere. Hindi ko alam kung nagiging Hulk or yung hammer ni Thor di ba? Hinahawakan yung hammer ni Thor. It’s like you’re an Avenger all in one


Massage for Maria Ozawa

BNO: What kind of massage do you like?

Maria Ozawa: Hmm.. I like it hard.

BNO: How hard?


Maria Ozawa on kinky stuff

BNO: What are the kinky stuff you enjoy? Like Tony here likes licking toes.

Maria Ozawa: Yeah, Yeah

BNO: Ohh!!! There’s a toes in it. Are you serious

Maria Ozawa: Yeah, its tickling , it’s fun. Be open


BNO Pornstars

BNO: Who do you think would be closest to becoming a porn star?

Maria Ozawa: You (Tony Toni)


Can’t get enough of this Maria Ozawa interview?

For those who missed the Maria Ozawa interview with Magic 89.9 Boys Night Out, here’s the full audio.




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