Marjorie Baretto youngest daughter featured in Youtube make-up tutorial

The youngest daughter of Marjorie Baretto made an appearance on Youtube .

One of Marjorie’s daughters, Dani Baretto has her won Youtube channel and in a make-up tutorial vid, he  introduced the little girl named Erich.

So this is the first time she’s going to be in my YouTube channel, the first of many,” Dani said in the introduction.

Earlier this year, photos of this pretty little girl came out in social media. She was called “our little princess” by actress Marjorie Barretto and her big sisters.

During the time when speculations came out about who Erich is, Dani gave a few statements in an interview. Though she did not divulge the reason why they only shared about their youngest sibling recently, Dani expressed that they are happy that they can now show their youngest sister to everyone.

“But now we choose to share it, I hope the people will enjoy it with us kasi we’re very happy that we get to share it now with the public,” she said.

With Erich being the latest addition, Marjorie Baretto now has five children.

Dani is the eldest among Marjorie’s children. Her father is former actor Kier Legaspi. Kapamilya actress Julia, Claudia, and Leon are her children with comedian Dennis Padilla.

The identity of Erich’s father is yet to be revealed.




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