Mary Jane Veloso appeals to Indonesian President

Mary Jane Veloso, the Filipino OFW in death row suspected of drug trafficking, composes handwritten appeal for Indonesian President to spare her life.

Mary Jane Veloso herself writes to Indonesian President Joko Widodo for pardon after being sentenced to be executed by firing squad on Tuesday, April 28 .

Mary Jane Veloso appeal

Mary Jane Festa Veloso to Indonesian President: “Please grant me pardon Sir.” from Inquirer


In her letter written in Bahasa, the Filipino OFW urges and pleads for the sake and life of her two beloved children.The said letter was written by Veloso when supporters  visited her in jail at Wirogunan Correctional Facility last April 16, 2015.

Below Mary Jane Veloso ‘s letter , translated to English by Professor Bomen Guillermo of UP Diliman. It reads:

To Honorable President Joko Widodo:

I sincerely appeal to you, Honorable Sir, to grant me a pardon from the death penalty. I believe and am certain that you have a compassionate heart and are very wise to make a humane decision.

As a mother, I have two children who are still small and need the love of a mother very much whom they love in return.

Honorable Sir, I believe that as the father of your child, you can feel what it would be like if your child were in the position of my own children, it is surely very painful because it would take away the right of my children to be with their mother, if my plea for pardon is not granted.

Honorable Sir, I believe that as the Father of the Indonesian Nation you should protect your children, above all those who are genuinely innocent.

I sincerely pray to to be saved from the death penalty and to be given the opportunity to bring up my children.

May God always bless Honorable President Joko Widodo and his whole family.

Wirogunan Correctional Facility
16 April 2015

Mary Jane Festa Veloso

Mary Jane Veloso

Days ago, Veloso was transferred to a prison island called Nusakambangan together with 10 other drug convicts. Yesterday,  her parents already had received a copy of the execution order from the Indonesian government.

The execution of Mary Jane Veloso is set on April 28, Tuesday.

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