Update: Mary Jane Veloso Not Executed

It was only a few minutes ago when DFA announced that OFW in death row Mary Jane Veloso was not executed.

Mary Jane Veloso Not ExecutedDFA Spokesperson Charles Jose made the official statement in a press conference. His was very short saying “Good morning everyone. We are relieved that execution of Mary Jane Velasco was not carried out tonight.God has answered our prayers“.

Jose actually mistakenly said “Velasco” in his first statement, which he corrected by repeating the announcement a few minutes later, with the correction Mary Jane Veloso.  Although reporters attempted to do an ambush interview, Jose did not provide further details.

According to Inquirer, Mary Jane Veloso ‘s eldest son was already informed of the news and rejoiced saying ““YES, yes buhay si Mama” .

It was also mentioned on how the good news was relayed to the family. Celia Veloso. Mary Jane’s mother narrated “Nasa sasakyan kami…may humahabol sa aming isa pang sasakyan ‘yun pala taga-DFA para sabihing buhay si Mary”.

 As a mother, Celia Veloso expressed her joy about the news.

Napakasaya ko po. Hindi ako makapaniwala. Ang alam nga po namin kanina wala na talaga…Totoo pong may himala na dumating sa buhay ng anak ko

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