Maymay Entrata and Edward Barbers stars new McDonald’s commercial

PBB Lucky 7 Big Winner Maymay Entrata and runner-up Edward Barbers are the new faces of McDonald’s commercial! “Mayward” as what their love team is called, will be featured on McDonald’s new summer offering, the Creamy Mcfreeze.

In her Instagram account, Maymay posted a photo of her with the McDo logo.

Gusto nyo po bang malaman kung ano ang must-have to have a cool summer? Alamin po bukas! 😃

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In another post, the Miss Wacky-Go-Lucky of Cagayan de Oro thanked the fastfood giant for making them part of the TVC.

McDonald’s official Facebook account also posted teasers about their new endorsers, days before the commercial was aired.


McDonald's commercial Mayward

Maymay known for her wackiness gives a clue on what the new McDonald’s commercial would be.

Before Mayward, Aldub (Alden and Maine) was the hit endorsers of McDo. Since Maymay and Edward showed chemistry in this TVC, netizens are congratulating the two.

Here is the full TVC of Mayward for McDo.

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