Maymay Entrata song “Kakayanin Kaya” is now released

Maymay Entrata song titled “Kakayanin Kaya” was already released!

After her international success in Dubai, this Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7 big winner has a new single under Star Music.

Maymay is known for being bubbly, but her song “Kakayanin Kaya” shows another side of her. This new single is actually a ballad that talks about enduring a heartbreak.

The Mamaymay Entrata song talks about having a love one who loves someone else.

Since it’s digital release, the lyric video has trended and is now #39 in YouTube PH trending. Earlier it was at #49 slot.

Maymay is really going a long way. Her recent modelling stints (Read: Maymay Entrata pose for a Dubai magazine, Maymay Entrata models at ARAB Fashion Week) and this song truly showed how talented this 21-year old Kapamilya star is.

Watch the lyric video below.

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