Maynilad Schedule of Water Interruption for August 2015

Maynilad is scheduled to undergo realignment of major seven-foot-tall water pipelines along Juan Luna and Hermosa St. in Tondo. This is to give way to DPWH’s (Dept. of Public Works and Highways) flood interceptor project.

Said process (exposing, dewatering, realigning and energizing the seven-foot-tall water pipeline) will take 5 days to complete. Certain areas in the South will be affected starting August 10 to August 13 (5 days) and August 17 to August 18 (1 day).

Here are the details for the official Maynilad schedule of water interruption (arranged per date):

Maynilad Schedule of Water Interruption


Maynilad Schedule of Water Interruption

The public is advised to save water before interruption. For more details , customers may contact Maynilad Hotline  1626 or via text 0998-8641446.

Click for the official Maynilad announcement.






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