Mayor Joseph Estrada orders smoking ban in Manila

Former President and Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada has ordered on Monday the strict implementation of smoking ban in all public places in the city.

It was all known that Mayor Estrada was also a smoker then but already stopped and now, he implements smoking ban.

According to reports, Estrada said in a statement that there was a City Ordinance prohibiting smoke in the City’s public areas.

City Ordinance No. 7748 states smoking ban in all enclosed places like hospitals, schools, public buildings, shopping malls, and other public places in the city.

Allegedly, the City Mayor says that prohibiting smoke is his way to encourage Manileños to follow his example and quit smoking for good. The 79-year-old former president dropped the habit after he was hospitalized in December due to asthma attacks.

“Love your heart, quit smoking. This is my Valentine’s (Day) wish for everyone, for every Manileño,” he said.

“For the sake of your family and loved ones, stop smoking. It won’t do you any good,” Estrada, who now chews sugar-free medicated lozenges as an alternative, said.

Meanwhile, the City Hall employees as per Estrada are only allowed to smoke at Arroceros, Taft Avenue and Freedom Triangle gates.

“We will start here at the City Hall. I enjoin everyone, from rank-and-file employees to department heads and even city councilors, to comply with this anti-smoking ordinance. We will be very strict,” he said.

Further, the Mayor says that he supports the proposed nationwide smoking ban of President Rodrigo Duterte, who led a citywide anti-smoking ordinance in Davao City when he was its mayor.



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