Meet Wave, the first Filipina Marvel comics superhero

The first Filipina Marvel comics superhero is set to debut very soon!

Comic book writer Greg Pak gave a preview of Wave, the
new Filipino heroine in Marvel comics. A photo of the new Marvel heroine was posted in his official Twitter account (@gregpak).

In the image posted, it will be seen that obviously Wave’s powers ha something to do with the sea. Her hair was black and she had
two gold and green sword-like weapons. It was designed by Filipino comic book artist Leinil Francis Yu.

No other information was released yet about this first Filipina Marvel comics superhero.

She was briefly described as “a mysterious new Filipino heroine” in the Marvel website.

Our very own Filipina Marvel heroine will join forces with new heroes from China named Aero and Sword Master , and other new Asian characters in the first of four issues of ‘War of the Realms’ , which is scheduled to be released in May.

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