Melissa Mendez issues an apology for the Cebu Pacific flight incident with Rey Pamaran

Weekend showbiz news was pouring with the juiciest updates on the controversial Melissa Mendez  and Rey Pamaran encounter in a Cebu Pacific flight . Now after a series of she said-he said on what really happened, actress Melissa Mendez issues an apology to Rey Pamaran.

In a Twitter post, this is what Melissa Mendez said:

melissa mendez

Could this be an act of surrender for Melissa Mendez?

Mendez initially said that she will seek her lawyer’s help and even Gabriela to take legal actions. On the other hand, Pamaran  belied the claim of  Mendez and stated that he has plans on pressing legal charges against Mendez.

On March 22, amidts the noise of this issue, Pamaran posted the  “Open Letter to Ms. Melissa Mendez” in his social accounts. In the message, Pamaran has  mentioned filing a legal case against Mendez, if the latter will not divulge the truth .

Here’s the condition Pamaran demanded from Mendez:

“The being said, I want to offer you two things that I feel is right and fair both in the eyes of man and hopefully God. I would like to offer you my forgiveness. The moment you were escorted out from the airplane, I already forgave you.While it is obvious that my character has been tarnished with this incident and also because of that false statements that you released, I would like to let you know that I will not be pressing any legal charges against you, on the condition that you set the records straight using the TRUTH and nothing else but the WHOLE TRUTH thru a genuine public apology.Upon doing so, I will not pursue all legal cases I intend to file against you which is already being drafted by my legal team. Just tell the public what the truth is, then we can end from there. If not, I shall be pursuing all cases against you in the proper courts I leave the choice to you. Thank you and have a pleasant day.”

Will the apology be accepted by Rey Pamaran? Will a Twitter post suffice as a “public apology”?

As the saying goes “abangan ang susnod na kabanata”


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